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Fall color in  the Chicago Botanic Garden
November 3
The kiddos and I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens yesterday to take advantage of unusually warm November weather and enjoy the fall colors. After four hours of walking, we came home and relaxed by watching The Little Mermaid. It was quite a pleasant way to spend a Sunday.

Fall color in the Chicago Botanic Garden

Wow. is that beautiful!

stef on Tuesday · November 04 2008

it looks surreal! like those fake trees and grass we had on our train set when we were little. how beautiful!

Kristin on Tuesday · November 04 2008

WOW!........ unbelievable beauty !! The water is so calm for November .... the colors- the forms............
Charlie on the bridge is wearing an "older look"....

Darlene on Thursday · November 06 2008
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