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Happy Halloween!
October 26
This weekend was full of Halloween parties, pumpkin carving, fall walks, and a lot of dressing up as Batman.

Happy Halloween!

I couldn't have taught him a better superhero / fantasy hero pose myself if I tried.

kegz on Sunday · October 26 2008

How did you get him to pose for the pic?

stef on Monday · October 27 2008

This photo is worth a million dollars! Wow.

lacey on Monday · October 27 2008

omg, the triumphant pose is to die for.

tori on Monday · October 27 2008

The funny thing is I didn't even ask him to pose that way. I just asked him to come over and get in the picture. A natural superhero! :)

stacy on Monday · October 27 2008

My nephew Charlie is going with that same Batman costume. I've got him way into Batman.

Reed on Monday · October 27 2008
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