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October 20
I feel like Charlie has grown up so much in the last month. I can't quite put my finger on exactly what is striking me as different: more complicated play, insightful questions, developed sense of humor, logical conclusions, independence. Probably a little of everything. Amelia is fascinated with him and no one can make her laugh like he can. When she sees him after a day at daycare, she pays no mind to anyone else. Sometimes I want to slow down time so he doesn't get too big too fast.


You take the most evocative pictures of him. At least you will have these to capture the moment!

stef on Tuesday · October 21 2008

He looks like he's about 6 years old on this picture. I don't know why...

Lisa on Tuesday · October 21 2008

perfect! really sums up his personality as i know it. beautiful picture.

Dan on Wednesday · October 22 2008

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