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Nine months
September 29
I can't believe how fast Amelia is changing. She claps, crawls, and laughs like crazy at her big brother. I love to watch her concentrating on grasping Cheerios and reaching for me when I enter the room. She likes nothing better than to pull herself up on my arms and then beams with pleasure at her accomplishment. This is a magical age and I don't remember it going so fast last time around.

Nine months

i woke up this morning wondering if you'd be posting anytime soon! :-) Thanks for the update, can't wait to see your big little girl again!

tori on Tuesday · September 30 2008

9 months is a good time isn't it? Sleeping through the night, alert and learning, and yet can't crawl away and get into anything dangerous if you need to put them down for a minute.

beautiful picture!

stef on Tuesday · September 30 2008

Gorgeous little girl!

I went shopping in the "little girl" section at Target today to buy a baby present for some friends of ours who just had a baby. It was so heart-breaking! Looking at all those little clothes. I saw a velour dress that actually made me think, "I need something to put in this outfit." Very dangerous!

Lisa on Tuesday · September 30 2008
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