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Kiddos at the lake
September 3
You know you have experience in the parent department when you are juggling an infant, a preschooler who has tripped three times in the space of 20 feet, two empty bottles and some papers on the way to the car when the baby decides to spit all over your nice work clothes and you don't blink an eye.

Kiddos at the lake

It is because they are so cute that we can handle moments like that.

stef on Thursday · September 04 2008

And doesn't it make you want another one immediately? I'm kidding. Actually, I now know several families from Ellie's school (6 to be exact) who have/are having their 3rd or 4th baby - and all their kids are within 4-5 years. I understand wanting lots of kids, but the chaos of having 3 or 4 so close together is what I will never be able to fathom. I guess I'm not a good Catholic :)

Lisa on Thursday · September 04 2008
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