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Chicago in pink
August 21
We have just started reading chapters of books to Charlie at night before bed. The first book we have read is 10 chapters long and we finish it tonight! I was wondering how Charlie would react to a story with no real pictures, but he seems to really enjoy it. Not sure how much of the story he is grasping, but probably more than I think. Since Jason and I read every other chapter, neither one of us really knows quite what is going on. I am sure we will read it again, so eventually we will know what's up with the magic tree house.

Chicago in pink

Hmmmm. I was wondering when it would be time for this. I haven't tried it yet.

stef on Friday · August 22 2008

Dan has been doing this with Ella for quite some time and she loves it. This summer's reads have included Despereaux, The Little Prince, and The Cricket in Times Square.

Lisa on Friday · August 22 2008
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