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Under the palm
June 27
Last weekend we took a trip down to Georgia for a family reunion and to visit Tori and Ryan in their new house. It was great for me to see family I hadn't seen in years. Plus, I got to eat grits and egg biscuits with gravy for breakfast. Jason took off early Monday morning so he could head back to work, but I wanted to stay an extra couple of days. That meant I had my first flight solo with 2 kids in tow. All in all, it went well. Charlie entertained himself and Amelia laughed at him. Even going through security wasn't too bad. I felt like a veteran mom who had everything under control. Mostly, I think I lucked out!

Under the palm

Oh that's nice to hear though. Gives me hope! :)

stef on Monday · June 30 2008

mmmmm, grits...that makes me long for the shrimp and grits in South Carolina...

Lisa on Monday · June 30 2008
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