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Happy six months
June 25
Little Amelia, you are six months old. The specialness of first smiles and laughs, the first looks of understanding, the first time you cried when I walked away, and our first dance moves will stay with me forever. I never tire of holding you and smelling your sweet skin. I look forward to your smiles and cuddles when I get home. I can't wait to see how much you grow and change over the next six months, my sweet baby.

Happy six months

Happy six months little one! We miss you!

tori on Thursday · June 26 2008

Ohh. what a sweet picture. I can't believe she is 6 months already!

stef on Thursday · June 26 2008

Wow - that went by fast! Happy half birthday, Amelia!

Lisa on Thursday · June 26 2008


ultram on Friday · July 18 2008


ultram on Friday · July 18 2008
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