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Summer moon
June 17
Charlie forgot (well, I forgot) his stuffed animal for school the other day. I wasn't working that day so I decided to run home to get one. When I stopped by, Charlie looked at me with his cute head tilt and asked, "Are you coming to pick me up?". He was relieved when I told him I was just bringing his animal to him, because it was PLAYGROUND time. I have learned not to mess with playground time. He didn't even see me leave because he was kicking the ball with his friends.

Summer moon

that is one amazing picture. I thought it was from outer space for a minute there...:)

stef on Wednesday · June 18 2008

Not from outer space, but from your back yard Stef!

stacy on Wednesday · June 18 2008

seriously?! Cool!

stef on Thursday · June 19 2008

I keep coming back to this picture because just looking at it makes me feel peaceful.

Lisa on Thursday · June 19 2008
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