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Amelia & Mom at the lake
May 27
We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend that was topped off by a BBQ yesterday. What a perfect day! It was warm, Jason found some awesome recipes and played Top Chef, Charlie had tons of fun batting off the tee and playing Frisbee, and Amelia wore her adorable new dress from Tori. I am trying to savor the memories because today is WAY too cold for being almost June. Jeez.

Amelia & Mom at the lake

I have many favorite pictures, but this one tops them all. Great self-take.

kegz on Tuesday · May 27 2008

Amazing pic! So sad we missed the party. :(

stef on Wednesday · May 28 2008

I walked out without saying goodbye, but wanted to say thank you! The Rappels (minus Ella) had a great time. We enjoyed all the food. And it was great that Amelia let me hold her for so long! We look forward to picnicing at the lake with you sometime this summer.

Lisa on Wednesday · May 28 2008

holy crap that is SO

i want to see pics of the dress too!!!

tori on Tuesday · June 03 2008
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