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Hawaiian coast
May 22
I took Charlie to the dentist today where we spent most of the time talking Charlie into opening his mouth. He didn't really do it. At home his mouth is open ALL of the time. He didn't even want to count his teeth and he loves counting. Oh well. We'll try again in 6 months. In other news, I am really excited So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight. Yay, dancing!

Hawaiian coast

gorgeous pic.

stef on Friday · May 23 2008

I was worried about taking Ella to the dentist, but I took her for the first time a couple months ago. It went unexpectedly well, given that Ella hates people looking in her mouth and has a sensitive gag reflex. They told her that there was an elephant in the basement and she had to open her mouth to feed the elephant (with the suction thingy). She had a great time!

Lisa on Friday · May 23 2008
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