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Strolling through New York
May 20
There is a new favorite activity in our house and it isn't a TV show, a toy, a book or a LeapFrog game. It is Mario Kart for the Wii. Charlie asks to play in the morning and when he gets home from preschool. He sits with a remote (usually unhooked - I do the steering) and tells me he isn't going to fall off this time. He prefers Yoshi or Diddy Kong and likes cars with bright colors. This morning we played together, he hit the gas and I steered. We came in first! OK, now I am going to go play some more.

Strolling through New York

Miss D loves the Wii too. We have to get mario kart so we can all play remotely together.

stef on Wednesday · May 21 2008

Definitely! We've been playing with our friends Dan and Jody up in Wisconsin. It's a lot of fun.

kegz on Wednesday · May 21 2008
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