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Happy Mother's Day
May 12
I had such a wonderful weekend that I ended up taking a 2 hour (interrupted) nap with Amelia this afternoon. Friday night was Mom's night out with motherrocker and her friend from college days. We had so much fun I didn't get home until 1am! Saturday we attended a trolley pub crawl for Jason's college buddy's 35th birthday. We talked, had some beers, watched the prom kids look totally uncomfortable in their outfits and topped off the night with a cheeseburger from the 50's McDonalds. We didn't get home until 1am! Then yesterday we had Mother's Day brunch at Tre Kroner followed by an afternoon of Wii Mario Kart with family and Tori who was in town from Atlanta. I had a wonderful Mother's Day and looking at these two I can't feel more blessed.

Happy Mother's Day

Wow. 2 party nights followed by breakfast and Wii? Sounds like a fabulous weekend indeed!

stef on Tuesday · May 13 2008

i had so much fun seeing you guys.
and i'm so excited my blog got linked to. (altho it appears broken....) :)

tori on Thursday · May 22 2008


stacy on Thursday · May 22 2008
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