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Happy 3rd birthday Charlie!
April 28
It is hard to believe that 3 years ago Mr. Charles came into our lives. We spent his birthday weekend in New York City and had a marvelous time - more on that later. I brought his class cupcakes to celebrate his birthday this afternoon and:
  • He ate one (without the frosting) - his first cupcake!
  • He wore his birthday hat (after I wore it for a while).
  • He still didn't like the attention of everyone singing to him.
  • He is excited about blowing out the candles on his cake he is getting this weekend.
Happy birthday to my sweet, clever, silly, loving little boy.

Happy 3rd birthday Charlie!

That's the Statue of Liberty in the background!

stacy on Monday · April 28 2008

It really was a great trip. Happy Birthday, Charlie! Love, Dad

kegz on Monday · April 28 2008

3 years - wow! Have a great birthday, Charlie!

Lisa on Monday · April 28 2008

Happy Birthday Charlie! Hope you all loved NYC!

stef on Tuesday · April 29 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Charles! Ryan and I were thinking of you alllll day. (That's why we didn't have time to check our blogs.) ;)

tori on Friday · May 02 2008
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