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Amelia pushing up
April 18
Amelia is starting to interact more with the world around her. She is starting to reach for toys and get them to her mouth. When I go get her in the middle of the night (yes, sleeping through the night only lasted 3 days...sigh) she is always facing a different way in her crib. They get so big so fast - happy 4 months baby girl!

Amelia pushing up

My boy is the same! It makes me laugh to see him facing a different direction every time I go to his room.

+mojan. on Sunday · April 20 2008

How exciting and so cute. I don't know what else to say!
Stacy I am SO FAR BEHIND with all my blog reading. According to Google Reader I have 69 posts from Dooce to read. 69! Hence it was only a miracle I had missed only 5 from you lately (since I checked in the other day since you said you'd been posting a lot.)
So glad you are feeling better ....

tori on Monday · April 21 2008

what a patootie! So Sorry I won't get to see her 2night. have fun at bookclub w/o me! :(

stef on Monday · April 21 2008
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