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Daddy and his little girl
April 14
I got an infection yesterday that nursing mom's can sometimes get. Let's just say that all I could do when we got home was curl up on the couch and shiver. Charlie was a doll and brought me toys and cuddled. Jason was a champ and spent 45 minutes picking up my prescription and then got Charlie to sleep and the cat her shot. Thank goodness I feel better today because that was a doozy!

Daddy and his little girl

Scary! I'm glad you are feeling better. I've heard that infections while nursing are horrible - enough to make some women swear off of breastfeeding forever.

Love the picture above, by the way.

Lisa on Monday · April 14 2008

Oh no! That sounds terrible. I hope you are 100% better soon!

stef on Tuesday · April 15 2008
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