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Charlie LOVES his bike
April 8
Random notes from maternity leave:
  • Charlie LOVES his bike. And he is really fast.
  • Amelia is so big! She is already outgrowing so many clothes. Charlie always followed the size labels so nicely it is throwing me for a loop.
  • How in the world do we create this much laundry in a week?
  • Yay! Yoga tonight.
  • I should probably think about picking up those beach passes soon since Charlie brought his shovels to school yesterday so he could dig (if he found a spot). "Is it warm enough to go to the beach and dig, mom?"

Charlie LOVES his bike

We definitely need to move the frame size up on the bike a notch so he's not so cramped.

He certainly does motor.

kegz on Tuesday · April 08 2008

I don't know about the change yet, Miss D has a bigger frame bike and she is still having trouble getting the hang of it. Maybe partially because it is unwieldy?

stef on Thursday · April 10 2008
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