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Tulips a coming
April 7
I spent part of the lovely weekend raking the remaining leaves out of the front yard. I showed Charlie the tulips popping out of the ground and he was so excited that he kept discovering more. "Look mommy, I found more toolups! There. And there are some more!" He was counting them and when I asked how many there were he said "20". (Counting more than 10 of anything always ends up at 20.) Ah, spring.

Tulips a coming

It always ends at 20 and passes "five-teen" on the way.

kegz on Monday · April 07 2008

That Charlie! He is so cute.

+mojan. on Tuesday · April 08 2008

hee hee I love five-teen. Our daffadills (sp?) were totally up out of the ground on Sunday, but have yet to bloom. It is exciting to see things budding and emerging finally!

stef on Tuesday · April 08 2008
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