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Sitting up
April 3
Since Amelia has been born I have been looking at Charlie's baby pictures for comparison. I thought I wouldn't forget all of my first child's milestones, but the details have become fuzzy. I found myself wondering when Amelia will start grabbing for toys, rolling over, sit up, etc. I think I will be more surprised when she accomplishes these things than when Charlie did because I am not reading about them and comparing them to other friend's children. Kind of like my pregnancy, I am way more laid back with her than I was with Charlie. Granted, I was worried about Charlie (reflux & weight insanity), but most of it comes with having been through it all before and knowing I can handle it. She is definitely a more relaxed baby than Charlie was and I wonder how much of that comes from my attitude this time around. Perhaps it is just genes and I am more relaxed because she is. At any rate, I can't wait to see how she grows and get to know her even better.

Sitting up

Reading this is very reassuring somehow.

Great picture, by the way. Amelia's the cutest.

+mojan. on Friday · April 04 2008

Beautiful pic. That is heartening to hear about with #2. Of course, I KNOW i have forgotten everything already.

stef on Friday · April 04 2008
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