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Charlie in the city
March 17
We had a bit of a rough weekend the the baby (no napping - much crankiness) which is pretty unusual. Jason isn't feeling well today, so my guess is that she isn't either. Before all the crying started, Charlie, Amelia and I did make it to the zoo on Friday to take advantage of a bit of warm weather. Charlie was a trooper and walked the entire 5 hours we were there and only begged to be carried back to the car. He made it and was asleep within minutes. I think his favorite parts were spotting the seals when they made an appearance above water and riding the carousel for the first time. I will post pictures of those later this week. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Charlie in the city

I think you are a trooper for taking two kids to the zoo by yourself and staying for 5 hours! When we go on outings, which is not that often, I usually give up after about 2 hours.

Lisa on Monday · March 17 2008
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