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March 11
Our weekend:
  • Ate a lot of cooked fruit from Charlie's new kitchen
  • Charlie donned his new Elmo underwear (all weekend!)
  • Lost a precious hour of sleep but I am enjoying it being light later
  • Amelia became quite fascinated with her big brother - she watched him constantly!
  • Gearing up for a new season of Top Chef and still didn't see the finale of Project Runway
  • Took this adorable picture of Charlie and Amelia (well, yesterday was Monday but the days all run together on maternity leave)


my goodness they're really starting to resemble each other!

stef on Wednesday · March 12 2008

Interesting - I have never seen Top Chef, but I looked at the bios and I went to high school with one of the contestants (Valerie).

Cute pic, by the way. I'm impressed that Charlie will hold Amelia. It took Ella about a year to even get within inches of Jonas.

Lisa on Wednesday · March 12 2008

This is a fantastic photo of your cuties. Charlie looks so happy to be a big bro.

+mojan. on Thursday · March 13 2008
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