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Growing in lava
February 19
I have never had trouble with postpartum depression after either of my kids, but am feeling a little down today. Perhaps it is "I am tired of this cold COLD weather" blues. Amelia got her shots today, it seems extra quiet in the house since my dad left, and I still have a sore throat (though no longer a fever). I am sure I will feel better soon, especially if I go smell my baby's head for a while.

Growing in lava

Sorry you're not feeling well! It's hard when you have two kids depending on you. I know when the sun came out for the first time in days last week, I realized that I had been feeling really blah for a while. It's amazing how that can happen. Let's just say I'm looking forward to spring - especially so I can break in my new golf clubs!

Lisa on Tuesday · February 19 2008

Oh, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! That's no fun. At least it is sunny out today, even if it will freeze your face off out there...

stef on Wednesday · February 20 2008

Lisa, I had no idea you were getting into golf. Christmas present?

kegz on Wednesday · February 20 2008

I haven't played golf in forever. Probably forgot the very little I knew which may not be a totally bad thing. :)

stacy on Wednesday · February 20 2008

Yep, the clubs were a birthday present. And I decided I sort of need something that's my own, and something Dan and I can do together until we grow old. I have been using Dan's clubs up until this point (haha), so smaller clubs will be a welcome change.

Lisa on Friday · February 22 2008

It's probably just the weather. I'd be depressed if I was in Chicago right now. Come to Israel! Heehee.

+mojan. on Sunday · February 24 2008
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