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All by myself
February 4
Charlie is constantly surprising me with what he can do "all by myself". He can do all of the puzzles in our house himself, learned how to use the mouse in a day, and is picking out his own clothes. When did he get so big? Here is Charlie in his triumph.

All by myself

is it me, or does he kinda look like Brad in this picture? I'm seeing those Fosdick cheeks!!!

tori on Monday · February 04 2008

I think that's a good call, Tori.

kegz on Monday · February 04 2008

I never noticed that before - I think he does have the Fosdick cheeks!

stacy on Tuesday · February 05 2008

Seriously, he grew up quick! He's a cutie too.

+mojan. on Friday · February 08 2008
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