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Amelia's sorta smile
February 1
We are snowed in and I am home alone with the 2 kids for the day for the first time. I have had them both for the evening and the afternoon, but never for a WHOLE day. And I thought work was exhausting sometimes!

Amelia's sorta smile

There's no doubt that managing 2 kids is more exhausting than any number of clients.

kegz on Friday · February 01 2008

Totally a smile!

stef on Friday · February 01 2008

Cute! Is Amelia's hair red?

Sue on Friday · February 01 2008

She's looking much older already! And I hear you - 2 kids keeps you on your toes, especially when one of them is so young and needs you so much.

Lisa on Sunday · February 03 2008
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