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Guitar Hero
December 9
Last week when I was taking Charlie to daycare, a classic rock song started playing on the radio on Jack FM. Charlie commented to me that it was a "guitar song". A few minutes later, I was tiring of the song and switched stations. Charlie responded by saying, "I want more guitar!" and asked me to put it back on. Jason was so proud.

Guitar Hero

OMG. That pic is awsome! And hilarious.

stef on Monday · December 10 2007

So funny! Maybe this can be on the cover of his band's CD some day. Incidentally, Ella is getting a guitar from Santa - the acoustic kind, though.

Lisa on Monday · December 10 2007

Charlie is hilarious!

+mojan. on Thursday · December 13 2007

Jason sent this pic to me a few days ago, I haven't been checking any blogs!! At any rate, This picture is AWESOME. I am printing it out to go on my fridge.

I want a guitar from Santa, Lisa!!

tori on Thursday · December 13 2007
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