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Pink and yellow at the rose garden
December 3
Reasons I am totally shocked when I think about my due date being in less than three weeks:
  • I have a 2.5 year old at home.
  • I haven't yet picked up a pregnancy book.
  • My ankles have been of a reasonable size until recently.
  • I am attending our company Holiday party this weekend.
  • My back has ached for so long I am pretty used to it now.
  • We haven't attending any child bearing classes at the hospital. Been there, done that.
  • It has been so busy at work I only remember I am pregnant when the baby kicks me so hard I lose my train of thought.
I did have a dream last night that my water broke in an important meeting at work this week. Let's just hope that is not a premonition!

Pink and yellow at the rose garden

How exciting! Ella was born 3 weeks early (my water broke), so anything goes! Although, personally, I think December 27th sounds like a great day to have a baby.

Lisa on Monday · December 03 2007

what a gorgeous rose-just beautiful. thanks for posting it stac

kristin on Tuesday · December 04 2007
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