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Tux Boogy
November 21
Charlie has always taken his sweet time to become comfortable with transitions - especially in daycare. I can understand because I think I have always been the same way. This last week has been so exciting for me because I have watched him really embrace his new daycare classroom (he started in September) - both his teachers and his friends. When I drop him off in the morning, instead of clinging to me he rushes in and joins in the fun. Usually, his first stop is the dinosaurs. When I picked him up yesterday, I learned that he was playing basketball with another child (he must take after his aunt). They were taking turns (without adult intervention!) and Charlie was giving him hints on how to throw the ball so it would go IN the basket. And I always thought he was going to play baseball. :)

Tux Boogy

he can play baseball and basketball!!
and his aunt krissy will be happy to help teach :) so great to hear how heis sharing so well! I love this picture since he has a new tux on and his red shoes-i'm the same way when i have apair of shoes i like i don't like to change them either!

kristink on Wednesday · November 21 2007

He has the best expression on his face. I just want to smoosh him.

+mojan. on Monday · November 26 2007
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