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Old Hawaiian gas pumps
April 10
On this very rainy day, Amelia and I are going through clothes. We both have outgrown a lot of them - I am hoping I can fit into mine once more someday soon. It has been much harder for me to be patient and happy with my after-baby body this time around. It could be the frustration that only a couple of my pants fit. It could be that I know I am going to have to work harder at it this time. It could be that I am not worried about Amelia's weight, so I worry about mine. I am starting to feel the motivation: I have cute clothes that I can't wear, Charlie has been walking around with shovels asking to go to the beach, and mostly I want to feel good in my own skin again.

Old Hawaiian gas pumps

9 months up, 9 months down. You'll get there! (easier said I know...)

stef on Friday · April 11 2008
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