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Hawaiian totems
November 26
Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! We had wonderful food at grandma's, played with a lot of toys, and even baked cookies. We also took Charlie to the Field Museum to see the dinosaurs and the special map exhibit. He wasn't really into the maps, but boy did he love the dinosaurs. He was oohing and ahhing whenever we entered a new room. I think he could have easily spent the entire day there!

Hawaiian totems

What is it with boys and dinosaurs?

+mojan. on Tuesday · November 27 2007

It's all about the triceratops, the stegosaurus, and the T-Rex. The rest are just pretenders.

kegz on Tuesday · November 27 2007

Oh I see. I must make a note of this.

+mojan. on Wednesday · November 28 2007
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