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My latest knitting project
November 18
After a long summer hiatus, I have started knitting again. This is my latest creation that I not only knitted, but sewed. SEWED. Like with a machine! I was so proud of myself that I may actually try it again!

My latest knitting project

Adorable! I remember when you first started that project. I should get back to knitting too :)

Kristin on Sunday · November 18 2007

Wow, Stacy -- that's really cute.

+mojan. on Sunday · November 18 2007

Super cute Stace. Congrats!

stef on Monday · November 19 2007

Wow - I'm impressed that you have not only the talent, but also the time to do that.

Lisa on Monday · November 19 2007

WOW, so awesome! Is this the bag from SnB? Yours looks so awesome (better than the one in the book, I'd say)!! Yay for knitting.

lacey on Tuesday · December 04 2007

Thanks! Lacey, that is the bag from SnB. It turned out better than I thought it would. :)

stacy on Sunday · December 09 2007
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