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34 weeks
November 15
Considering how much I like to take pictures, I have not been good about recording my pregnancy. Granted, I have been distracted by a 2.5 year old this go around. I did manage to take a slightly blurry shot in the mirror at 34 weeks so I would remember what I looked like when the time was getting close.

34 weeks

And yes, that is Raggedy Ann in the background that my mom made for me.

stacy on Thursday · November 15 2007

Oh. little Ameila will love it! ;)

stef on Friday · November 16 2007

Finally!! I was bummed that I didn't have my camera when we visited last week. My sister was supposed to attend with us and she always has hers so I was hoping she'd take some shots. I think you look beautiful!

tori on Friday · November 16 2007

Are you kidding me!?? You're half the size I was at 34 weeks!!!! Yipe!

+mojan. on Sunday · November 18 2007
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