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Minocqua Sunrise
November 8
For me, the hardest thing about the last few months of pregnancy is the difficulty I have sleeping. Occasionally, Charlie will wake up at 4 am wanting more water. I hear him right away, get him his water and go right back to bed. Takes no more than 3 minutes. An hour and a half later at 5:30 in the morning I am going through pictures and blogging. Sigh. The sad part is that in a few months I will be so tired that I can't sit down without falling asleep. Here's hoping for a baby who likes her beauty sleep!

Minocqua Sunrise

What a gorgeous sunrise. hang in there Stace! it's not too much longer. And it's true, someday you will be daydreaming about this time. It is easy to forget how needy those tiny ones are. ;)

stef on Thursday · November 08 2007

so when bridget is having your problems sleeping-she can come over and be up with the little one and you can sleep :)
we're here for you esp if you need help those first few weeks! you know us keglovitz's and our sleeping-if she takes after jay the little one will be a sleeper :)

kristin on Friday · November 09 2007

That's a gorgeous photo. Whoa.

I hear you on the not being able to sleep! I don't know if it's because I can't get comfortable or if it's because my mind is racing with things to prepare for the baby. It's probably both.

+mojan. on Saturday · November 10 2007

Same here - I think I did not sleep for the entire third trimester of my 2nd pregnancy. I love the age Ella and Jonas are now, but I'm also really looking forward to the days when the kids can get up, fix themselves a bowl of cereal and turn on the Saturday morning cartoons, so Dan and I can sleep in.

Lisa on Saturday · November 10 2007

Wow, Stace, beautiful pic.

Six more weeks! Hang in there...

tori on Monday · November 12 2007
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