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Happy Halloween
November 1
Charlie didn't really get into trick-or-treating this year. He reluctantly got into his dragon costume, grabbed his pumpkin, and went to our neighbor's house. When it was time to put the candy in his pumpkin, his response was "No, I don't want it." We decided to try again, and he wanted to scare our other neighbor by roaring like a dragon. We thought, "OK, he's getting into it now." But, no. He still would not tolerate any candy in the proximity of his pumpkin. We gave up and went home.

He saw us giving out candy to trick-or-treaters and wanted to try to GIVE the candy away. By the time the night was coming to an end, he was running to the door when the doorbell rang with candy ready in his hand. When it comes to candy, he is a giver not a taker. I guess I should be happy about the fact Charlie likes giving candy away and says "Yay! Peppers! Carrots! Broccoli!" when I tell him what is for dinner.

Happy Halloween
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