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Charlie in his life jacket for the boat ride
August 24
After the crazy storms that hit the Chicago area yesterday afternoon, we have been without power. Charlie and I read books by candlelight, jumped at the cracking thunder, and lit many candles while waiting for Jason to make it home during a lull in the weather. Unfortunately, I was making serious use of our electrical power when it all came to a crashing halt. The laundry was going (I have clean, but wet clothes), the litter box was doing its magical automatic emptying routine (I had to put out another one the cats could use - well that Rusty could use - until the power comes back on), and the dishwasher is all ready to go. Nothing was seriously damaged or flooded, so all-in-all it has been kind of a fun adventure. Although, I do hope power is restored today!

Charlie in his life jacket for the boat ride

Amazing - I was in Glenview that day and it was pretty scary. Our area, Ravenswood, was barely touched.

Lisa on Monday · August 27 2007
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