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Charlie taking a water break
August 19
Charlie and I recently had a trip out to Seattle to visit Uncle Brad and Aunt MJ. Grandpa and Grandma from California came out at the same time so it was a nice reunion. We did a ton of great stuff - I will post more pictures as I get organized. Here is one I took on our hike at a lake by Mt Rainier. Charlie LOVES drinking out of water bottles now.

Charlie taking a water break

I see he's wearing his See Kai Run shoes. Very cute!

Stacy, you are like Wonder Woman. I didn't have enough energy to walk from the kitchen to the living room during my second pregnancy, let alone go hiking with a toddler. I'm glad it's not taking too much of a toll on you.

Lisa on Sunday · August 19 2007

Can I humbly request more pictures of beautiful Seattle? And you guys in it, of course.

+mojan. on Monday · August 20 2007
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