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Ornamental Onions
July 17
I brought Charlie with me to a quick meeting that I had at work this morning. He was good. He found all of the matchbox cars that were in my office (don't ask) in about 30 seconds and made cute background noise while the meeting was going on. The funniest part was towards the end of the meeting when Charlie said, "Mommy, I need a hug!" and came over to me and gave me one. Because of the work ahead of my team in the next six weeks, he may need to give out more hugs!

Ornamental Onions

Wow, this is a really cool picture. Where did you take it? I'd like to plant some of those ornamental onions in our yard.

Lisa on Wednesday · July 18 2007

We went out to Cantigny for brunch with my dad on Father's Day. Besides the golf course, the grounds there have a couple museums and a couple different garden areas. These were in the Idea Garden. Really cool looking plants.

kegz on Thursday · July 19 2007
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