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Charlie riding the ladybug solo
July 5
We went to Great America last weekend for the first time with Charlie. When we were getting out of the car, he kept asking for a playground and I told him, "Charlie, this is the biggest playground you have ever seen!".

He dug it:
  • All of the kiddie rides he could ride by himself or with other kids - like the ladybugs!
  • A very dirty ball that he found rolling around in Bugs Bunny National Park.
  • Watching the cartoon characters (even though he didn't know any of them).
  • When I won him a large tweety bird in a skee ball like arcade game.
  • The hot dog and 3 pickles he ate for lunch.
He hated it:
  • The lazy river
  • Any sort of water falling from above onto him
  • Did I mention the lazy river?

Charlie riding the ladybug solo

omg he looks so much like both of you!

Anneke on Thursday · July 05 2007

Watching him ride that ladybug was one of the best times I've ever had at Great America.

kegz on Friday · July 06 2007

oh you guys are so brave to go to GA on the weekend! I had no idea there was stuff they can do themselves already. Looks like he is having a blast in that pic. ;)

stef on Friday · July 06 2007

It was a work outing, otherwise I don't know that we would have thought to gone. It really wasn't that crowded. I heard the weekend around 4th of July is usually one of their slowest summer weekends since people are away.

kegz on Friday · July 06 2007
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