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May 16
It is getting to that time of year when weekends are starting to fill up for the summer. I need to get my act together and plan what I really want to do so I don't run out of time by September and have to wait for another long and cold Chicago winter. Alas, planning ahead is not my strong suit.



you can't post a pic like this and not explain it!

stef on Thursday · May 17 2007

SO CUTE! It's like you're kissing a huge tomato, except the tomato kind of resembles your son.

+mojan. on Thursday · May 17 2007

I took this picture- it was so great! we were at the park and there's holes in the tunnel. charlie kept poking his head through and this one mommy planted a kiss on him!

kristin on Thursday · May 17 2007

Charlie is pretty stingy with his kisses. He really enjoyed peeking out of the holes of the playground tunnel and when he was giving away kisses right and left, I had to take advantage. Thanks, Kristin for a great shot!

stacy on Thursday · May 17 2007

Oh that's hilarious! Great pic Kristin!

stef on Friday · May 18 2007
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