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Zebra watching
April 5
I have a feeling we will be going to the zoo many times this summer. On our way down, Charlie made animal sounds and I tried to guess what he was (until he fell asleep). We started at the gorillas and I think we could have spent all morning there. We named the big silverback "Big Daddy".

Charlie did quite a bit of walking on his own. When he was tired he really didn't want to get back in the stroller, but wanted me to carry him. I explained he was too heavy. Now sometimes when I do carry him he tells me he is "too big for mommy". I tell him that he is growing up fast, but he will never be too big for mommy.

Zebra watching

Oh. That is the sweetest!
Is that the Brookfield zoo?

stef on Friday · April 06 2007

We went to Lincoln Park Zoo. When Charlie becomes a little more of a zoo connoisseur, we will probably head down to Brookfield again. :)

stacy on Friday · April 06 2007
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