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First signs of spring
April 4
Long time, no post! Not sure what has been the cause of my quiet stretch:
  • The stomach flu uninspired me
  • I have been busier than usual (or at least outside more)
  • I have been lazy
Probably a little of all three, but I am back. I even went outside this morning and braved the freezing cold (it is APRIL!) to take pictures of our first tree blossoms of spring. This shot is from Charlie and my visit to the zoo. He was ready to see the monkeys and I was dragging my feet taking pictures of the ground.

First signs of spring

This is so pretty!
I miss you guys already.

tori on Wednesday · April 04 2007

beautiful! Any flowers in your yard yet?

stef on Thursday · April 05 2007

Thanks, guys! The tulips are coming up in the front and we have some of these in the back. The tree is starting to blossom as well. Yay, spring!

We miss you too, Tori!

stacy on Thursday · April 05 2007
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