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Charlie playing the guitar
March 5
We recently had a parent/teacher conference for Charlie (it is pretty fun at this age!). His teacher mentioned two things that stick out in my mind.
  1. Charlie LOVES music class and circle time. He requests Old MacDonald frequently.
  2. His vocabulary has exploded in the last few weeks. Some words and phrases come out of nowhere. My favorite one recently is when he is in his crib ready for bed and holds his blanket out to me and says "Tuck in!".
Every time he sees a guitar (Jason's or in a book) he points at it and says "Daddy!". I think guitar lessons will start sooner rather than later. He also loves to pass out instruments and lead the band. He prefers the fish drum, Jason gets the ladybug maracas, and I the zebra or frog clapper. What fun.

Charlie playing the guitar

I am SOOOOOO happy he loves the fish drum. I can't wait to hear him play again!

tori on Tuesday · March 06 2007

That's awesome! Maybe there's a genius musician inside him.

+mojan. on Wednesday · March 07 2007

If Charlie hasn't seen the Baby MacDonald video, you should definitely get it. I think it's one of the better videos in the Baby Einstein series.

Lisa on Wednesday · March 07 2007

Tori - he loves his instruments! Thank you!

Mojan - I hope he enjoys it and takes after his father in terms of talent.

Lisa - That is really funny that you mentioned Baby McDonald. We do own it and Charlie is totally addicted. He asks for the horse, pig, cow show (I had to pop it in this morning while we were getting ready).

stacy on Wednesday · March 07 2007

Oh, and I almost forgot, there is a Meet the Orchestra video, too. It teaches all the different instruments.

Lisa on Wednesday · March 07 2007

Oh, we don't have that one. May have to pick it up.

stacy on Wednesday · March 07 2007

You should sign him up for a toddler class at Old Town School....

tori on Friday · March 09 2007
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