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March 1
Charlie loves balloons. He likes to hand them out, run around the room with them, kick them, and lay on them on the floor. So far, none have popped!


Balloons and bubbles are the best cheap entertainment for kids. Today Ella's preschool teacher kept the kids entertained by blowing up balloons and then letting them go. We were in the gym, which has a tall ceiling, so the balloons would kind of spiral up high and then fall to the ground. It was fun watching the kids - it made them squeal!

Lisa on Friday · March 02 2007

Balloons are great for playing catch in the house. Bounce em off the walls, off everyone's head...neverending fun.

kegz on Friday · March 02 2007

So fun! I want to be a kid.

+mojan. on Monday · March 05 2007
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