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Waiting for spring
February 27
I am looking forward to spring! Charlie has a new raincoat. Rusty is green for St Patrick's Day (a little early). Why is our cat green? It isn't because we are Irish and overzealous with green dye. Before the slushy mess hit this weekend, Pixie and Rusty escaped out the back door for a little fresh air. Five minutes later they wanted back in because it was starting to sleet. I noticed Rusty was sporting a nice green tint. Our green patio must leak a little of its color when it is damp outside. I don't know how long Rusty will be green, but if he escapes out the front anytime soon we will be able to identify him easily as the orange, white and green tabby cat.

Waiting for spring

I'm so amazed with the way you've been capturing moments with Charlie! You're good!

+mojan. on Wednesday · February 28 2007

what is it about a kid in a yellow slicker that just says spring?

stef on Wednesday · February 28 2007

Thanks, Mojan!

The yellow slicker is a bit big, but it is so cute I couldn't pass it up. And he can wear it for 2 years for sure!

stacy on Thursday · March 01 2007
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