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February 22
The other night at dinner, I was one triumphant mom. Charlie has refused to eat anything that looks different - especially in color. This means not too many vegetables enter that little mouth of his. I heard not to make a big deal about him not eating certain foods, but to keep offering it to him. Therefore, there was one piece of broccoli accompanying his carrots and chicken. He devoured a number of carrots and decided he didn't want to look at the broccoli anymore so he handed it to me. Instead of taking it, I tried something new. "Charlie. Let's play a game. Mommy and Charlie will both eat their broccoli at the same time. 1...2...3!!!" Ha! What do you know. It worked. Charlie ate 3 pieces that way and some more on his own later. Now I can relax until he gets his license and wants to take my car out on a Saturday night.


Broccoli is my favorite vegetable. Welcome to deliciousness, Chaz-bo!!

tori on Friday · February 23 2007

My caption for Charlie in this picture is:

"No, YOU da man!"

stef on Friday · February 23 2007

Note to self: make EVERYTHING into a game.

+mojan. on Monday · February 26 2007
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