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You want me to shovel all of this?
February 20
Charlie's first experience in the snow was pretty amusing. What I think is going on in that little noggin:
  • Snow makes such a mess! Mess! We must clean it up with shovels.
  • White!
  • It is hard to get up when you fall down in the snow.
  • Daddy makes snowmen! With carrot noses!
  • Everyone needs to wear hats when there is snow. I will pass everyone their hat so they don't forget to put them on.
  • Boots are cool. I didn't want to put them on until I could say the word "boots", but now I will insist on wearing them through the summer.

You want me to shovel all of this?

Sorry we missed him on Saturday :(
I remember thinking my dad made the BEST SNOWMEN IN THE WORLD! Perhaps we need to start practicing for when our kids expect the same. Or maybe it just comes to you naturally when you are a parent?

tori on Tuesday · February 20 2007

I remember being 5 years old and my mom's friend sent me a winter coat. I was so happy to get this coat, I slept with it on for 2 or 3 days straight.

kegz on Tuesday · February 20 2007

you guys made a snowman? I had trouble working with this snow...

stef on Wednesday · February 21 2007

When it was melting on Monday night, it was really sticky snow. The snowman is gone now.

kegz on Wednesday · February 21 2007

This is one of the best toddler photos I've ever seen, Stacy. You captured the essence of a child's wonderment with the big world around him.

+mojan. on Thursday · February 22 2007

Thanks, Mojan. It is really fun to watch him learn and explore. Every time we have gone outside since the snow he has pointed at it and said "Snow. White!". He is really excited about the fact the snow is white and he knows the words to describe it. So cute.

Stacy on Thursday · February 22 2007
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