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February 14
In the last month, Charlie has seemed to change so much. He knows his letters, can count to 10, and is really putting words together. In the last few weeks, he has also been experimenting with boundaries. He has occasionally been hitting us (mostly me) just to see what happens. I had been telling him "No hitting" and redirecting his attention elsewhere. This week I decided to experiment with time outs. I tell him to sit on the bottom step of the stairs and not to get up until I tell him he can. He has taken to this very well. TOO well. Now he gives me a light whack on the leg, says "Sit down", and goes over the the bottom step and gives himself a time out.


That is hilarious! This is a great article on the hitting thing I came across:


stef on Wednesday · February 14 2007

Charlie just gets cuter by the second.

+mojan. on Thursday · February 15 2007

Thanks for the article link, Stef. It makes me feel much better about his thinking that hitting is funny.

I totally agree, Mojan. :)

stacy on Thursday · February 15 2007

Hmmm, sounds like he's ready for preschool! Actually, I was going to mention to you that you might want to start shopping around now for pre-k's. I already have Jonas on waiting lists. I know it seems silly, but for Ella we waited, and some of the places we were interested in have over 100 kids on the list. Also, I just learned last month that we are not guaranteed a spot in state pre-k, which provoked the whole search in the first place. I think we have a plan now, but it took a while.

Lisa on Sunday · February 18 2007
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