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After the haircut
January 11
Charlie got his hair cut this week. Doesn't it look cute? Here is the before shot.

After the haircut

How'd it go this time?
He looks adorable.

tori on Thursday · January 11 2007

Much better. I was worried at first because he wouldn't stay still, but then he got used to it and munched on the pretzels I brought for him. Hopefully, we are passed the forcibly holding his head to cut his hair stage. :)

stacy on Thursday · January 11 2007

I'd say it makes him look 10 years younger. Amazing what haircuts can do.

kegz on Thursday · January 11 2007

Pretty slick! Although, I'm not sure it's all because of the haircut. He looks happier in the "after" photo.

Lisa on Friday · January 12 2007

SO cute! I want to eat this kid.

+mojan. on Monday · January 15 2007
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