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This is orange
February 2
Last night I woke up at 2am to Charlie crying (loudly) and wailing for mama. He hasn't been sleeping quite as well (mostly just getting up earlier) for the last few weeks so I wasn't too surprised. I got up to check on him and he stopped crying as soon as I walked in his room. I checked him for a temperature and he seemed normal so I started telling him that it was still time for ni-night. We talked about dada sleeping, his stuffed animals sleeping, how mama wanted to go back to sleep and how he should go ni-night too. He followed the conversation well and wanted to make sure ALL his animals were sleeping. He pointed to the dog - "Dog ni-night?".
"Yes, the dog is ni-night."
"Bewr ni-night?"
"Yes, Charlie. The bear is ni-night, too."
I took that as my signal to go back to bed. "Ni-night Charlie."
"BYE BYE! Ni-night. Bye!"

This is orange

That's a very sweet story. Also, I'm impressed that Charlie does not eat crayons - we are still working on that with Jonas.

Lisa on Friday · February 02 2007

Not supposed to eat crayons? What the hell! When was someone gonna tell me this? Man, this explaines A LOT!

Ryan on Friday · February 02 2007
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