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Here we go round the plum tree
November 30
I have always suspected that Charlie understands more language than he lets on. He has this musical book with a dozen songs that you can play on the built in piano. We look through it and sing the songs together. The first time he cried when we sang "Rock-a-bye baby" I figured he had caught his finger somewhere. When he did it the next time, I realized he was very upset about the baby falling out of the tree. So now I make up different words the song - something about the birds carrying the baby in his basket. So far, he has been fine about Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall, so I have been spared making up an even goofier song about an egg.

Here we go round the plum tree

That's funny. When Ella was young (12 months or so) she used to cry everytime she heard the French word for mouth - "la bouche." It started one day when she was watching Baby da Vinci and all I had to do from then on was say it and she'd break into tears. I never did figure out why, though. At least you have a good explanation for Charlie's behavior.

Lisa on Thursday · November 30 2006

Wow. That is amazing. Not only that he understands the words themselves, but understands that it would be upsetting to fall out of a tree!

stef on Friday · December 01 2006

I know! It is surprising to me that he would be upset about falling when he still tries to crawl off high surfaces when he has a chance. I guess he figures mom will catch him (but not out of a tree).

stacy on Friday · December 01 2006

Has Charlie ever fallen out of a tree? That would explain a lot.

ryan on Friday · December 01 2006
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