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A cow in a wagon
November 2
Charlie is just getting over being sick, so this is one of the few smiles I was able to catch on camra with his cow costume on.

A cow in a wagon

Sick on Halloween? Did he trick or treat?

Well, you wouldn't know it if he was sick. He looks adorable in his cow costume.

Lisa on Thursday · November 02 2006

So cute. Did you get it at Target by any chance?

stef on Friday · November 03 2006

Too. Much. Cuteness.

+mojan. on Friday · November 03 2006

Lisa - I know! At least he is young enough for it not to bother him too much being sick on Halloween. We went to 2 neighbors houses to trick or treat and that was fine. He is a cute cow!

Stef - I did get it at Target! They had a surprisingly large selection of cute baby costumes. I was going to have him be a puppy, but the only costume they had left was too small.

Thanks Mojan!

stacy on Friday · November 03 2006
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